Established over 40 years ago in 1977, and a member of Electrostore Group Ltd, Chromalock has developed a wide ranging capability to deliver cost effective, world class solutions to your control needs. At our headquarters in Coventry we design, develop and manufacture micro-processor based systems and products for Industrial, Consumer, Medical, Automotive and Service organisations. In addition, having our own extensive offshore facilities in China, we can undertake large volume manufacturing and component sourcing, allowing considerable savings in materials and labour whilst combining technological expertise with high quality standards. Our in-house EMC laboratory ensures your product is designed to meet exacting standards (CE marking). Our printed circuit board (PCB) production equipment includes; surface mount and through hole technologies plus automatic and robotic testing. Whatever your needs, Chromalock is dedicated to finding a world class solution.

Chromalock also provides a range of products directly to the consumer through our Marketing division - electrostoreonline

Product range includes
water descaler / conditioner / softener
Blanket Weed Controller
Automatic Vent Controller
Soil moisture, pH and light meter

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Water Descaler
Blanket Weed Controller
Conservatory Vent Controller
PH Soil Meter