Plug-In & Panel Mounting Modules (PM8/PM11, PW8/PW11 & PW8/11-LED)

Code: PM8/PM11, PW8/PW11 & PW8/PW11-LED


* Plug In Module Case With Either 8 Or 11 Pin Headers
* Panel Mount Module Case With Either 8 Or 11 Pin Headers
* Integral Mounting Lugs On Plug In Type
* Pre-Drilled For LED’s, Potentiometers Etc
* Supplied With ‘Blank’ Top Label
* Accepts Up To Two PCB’s
* PW8/PW11-LED fitted with wired RED & Yellow LED's.


Advantages of using the Modules include reduced assembly and production times due to the following features:
* All headers are pre-wired in 24 AWG stranded PVC covered Wires, stripped, tinned and colour coded to indicate pin connection. (Pins 1-9 as resistor colour code, Black = 10 and Pink = 11)
* Positive snap-on cover moulded to include formed holes to suit LED and potentiometer mounting
* Two sets of board guides suitable for retaining one or two PCBs
* Will fit all known 8/11 pin octal/sub-magnal surface or chassis mounting bases
* Holding lugs moulded into the PW case for use with 8-pin retaining clip bases, type 8PFA (long clip)
* An 11-pin case PW11 can be secured to the A11PDIN base using the timer retaining clip (11-pin clip)
* Panel mounting versions