DIN Rail Mounting Undervoltage/Phase Monitor (UPM)

Code: UPM


* Designed To Provide An Output When Phase Failure Occurs. Protection Against Reversal Or A Reduction In Line Voltage Below 85% Of Nominal. Housed In Din Rail Or Surface Mounting Grey ABS Cases With LED Status Indicators
* Standard Or Customer Specified Cut In And Drop Out Voltages
* Full Phase Failure Monitor
* Protection Against Incorrect Phase Rotation
* Automatic Reset


On application of a continuous satisfactory supply voltage, the ‘POWER’ and ‘RELAY’ LED’s illuminate and the relay energises. In the event of any of the following occurring, the relay will de-energise and the ‘RELAY’ LED extinguish:
* The supply voltage falling below the preset ‘Drop Out’ voltage
* Failure of one or more phases
* Incorrect phase rotation
The unit will automatically reset on removal of the fault condition, or in the case of undervoltage, when the supply voltage again exceeds the ‘Cut In’ voltage.