Standard Shaft Rotation/Pulse Monitors (SMC & SMD)

Code: SMC & SMD


* Designed For Monitoring Rotating Shafts, Shear Pin Detection/Detecting Missing Pulses From Magnetic Or Inductive Proximity Sensors
* Can Provide Alarm Warning Or Shutdown Control
* SMC.01 For Three Wire Sensors & SPCO Output
* SMD.02 For Two Wire Sensors & DPCO Output
* Panel Mounting Or Surface Mounting At No Extra Cost
* 30 Secs Or 60 Secs Time Ranges


Ensure the SMC/SMD unit is the correct time range. On application of a continuous supply voltage, the ‘POWER’ LED illuminates and the unit starts sensing pulses from the proximity sensor. As long as the pulses are received the relay remains de-energised. If the unit fails to receive a pulse within the time selected on the scale of the unit, the ‘RELAY' LED illuminates and the relay energises. Any further pulse will reset the unit and it will re-commence its cycle of operation. The unit is failsafe and will not operate if the sensor goes open or short circuit.