Standard “Proportional” Temperature Controller (1000P)

Code: 1000P


* Panel Or Surface Mount Proportional Controllers-“K” Type
* Proportional Controller + 10 ºC Of Set Point
* Dual Input Voltages As Standard
* Setting Accuracy 1 ºC
* Automatic Cold Junction Compensation
* Reverse Acting & Down Scale Burnout Options


On application of a continuous supply voltage (assuming a serviceable thermocouple and the monitored temperature is below the set point) the relay will energise and the ‘Power’ & ‘Relay’ LED will illuminate. As the
monitored temperature approaches the set point the relay will cycle off and on to provide proportional control. The ‘P’ Band setting can be set up to ±10 0C of the set point. The relay will de-energise should the thermocouple become open circuit. Maximum distance for Remote Potentiometers 1 metre.