New Product Development

Do you have a gap in your product range or a requirement for a new product to support your main activity? Chromalock can act as your design partner to achieve your aims.

At Chromalock the Design & Development Team strives to achieve the highest standards of Customer satisfaction by combining innovative technology with cost effective manufacturing to give you both technological and price advantage in your market.

Software language and Hardware architecture are carefully matched to your needs, providing solutions to the most cost sensitive or precision control requirements.

Prototypes are carefully tested by us and then verified by you to ensure complete compliance with your specifications before production begins.

Our laboratories are capable of a wide range of electro-mechanical development and test activities including EMC and safety testing to allow product certification or type approval on your behalf.

Chromalock offers a free outline feasibility report including budgetary development and manufacturing costs along with project timescales.

Typical Projects include: 

  • Industrial Laundry Machines and Systems
  • High Speed Label Application and Printing Equipment
  • Consumer Communication Products EMC Test Equipments
  • Battery Operated Irrigation Control and Water Treatment
  • Automotive Alarms and Lighting Systems
  • Motor Racing Gear Box Controller
  • Indoor Climate Control Systems
  • Building Security
  • Stage Amplification
  • Electronic Medical Devices
  • Boiler and Furnace Controls
  • Food Processing  Microprocessor Control System
  • Railway Signalling
  • Epilepsy Monitor
  • Sport Enhancing Units
  • Music Accessory Products