48mm Digital Batch Counter (BCDD)

Code: BCDD


* Sophisticated Microprocessor Design
* Count Up Or Down
* Automatic Local Or Remote Reset
* Solid State Or Volt Free Input
* Industry Standard 48mm Din Case
* High Visibility Green LED Display
* Wide Range Supply Voltages Or Single Voltage


1) Model Name - Digital Batch Counter
2) High visibility green LED Display Shows Count decreasing or increasing as required
3) LED indicates when output Relay energised
4) LED indicates when User Has selected ‘Up’ for increasing count
5) LED indicates when user has selected ‘Down’ for decreasing count
6) Slide switch to select increasing count (Up) or decreasing count (Down)
7) Reset switch:- when set at ‘Auto reset’ unit will operate output Relay for one second at the end of count, then will resume at beginning of count. When set at ‘Reset Off’ unit will operate Output Relay at end of count & will only resume if switch is momentarily moved To ‘Auto reset’ & returned or external Reset contact between Pins 1 & 4 is opened
8) Thumb Wheel Switches:- use to set count between 0000 & 9999