48mm DIN “On-Off” Temperature Controller (TP48)

Code: TP48


* 48mm On/Off Panel Or Plug-In Controller
* 0 ºC To + 400 ºC Ranges – “K” & “PT” Types
* Thermocouple Or Platinum Resistance Inputs
* Cold Junction Compensation
* LED Relay Status Indicator
* Complete With Panel Retaining Clip


On application of a continuous supply voltage (assuming a serviceable thermocouple and the temperature to be monitored is below the set point), the relay will energise and the ‘OUT’ LED will illuminate. As the monitored temperature exceeds the set point the relay and 'OUT' LED de-energise until the temperature falls below the set point. In the event of the thermocouple going open circuit the relay is automatically de-energised and the 'TCB' LED will illuminate. The Set point is adjusted by means of potentiometer.